Bath Academy

352 Academy Street

The story of 352 Academy Street began in 1811 when it opened its doors as Ernestown Academy, now called Bath Academy. Long before there was legislation for education, the local citizens funded, by subscription, one of the first schools in Upper Canada.


KINGSTON GAZETTE 1811 MAR 26 Ernest Town Academy. The subscribers herby inform the friends of learning that an Academical School, under the superintendence of an experienced preceptor, is open in Ernest Town near the Church, for the instruction of Youth in English reading, speaking, grammar and composition, the learned languages, penmanship, arithmetic, geography and other branches of Liberal Education. Scholars attending from a distance maybe boarded in good families on reasonable terms, and for fifteen shillings a year can have use of a valuable library.


School Committee: Robert McDowall, Benj Fairfield, Wm Fairfield, Solomon Johns, Steph Fairfield, Wm Wilcox, Samuel Neilson, George Baker


It wasn’t long after opening that the building was requisitioned as military barracks during the War of 1812. After the war ended it wasn’t until 1818 that it reverted back to a school


A lot has happened at the Bath Academy since 1811. Fire destroyed this building not once but twice. (1811-1874) (1874-1910) (1910 existing).

The current structure was rebuilt in 1910 and has served the public for more than a century, from school to barracks to school to township offices and library.


Upon the amalgamation of Loyalist Township the Academy was eventually sold and currently is privately owned.