For more than 200 years history has mattered to us, and Bath embodies a mixture of the past and present. First settled by hardy United Loyalists, the Fairfield brothers (William Jr. and Benjamin) built their home on the banks of Lake Ontario.


The Fairfield family were pillars of the community and influential members rising to positions of esteem in the Political arena as both brothers served in the Legislative Assembly.

Built in 1796 by the Fairfield brothers, it remained in the family until the 1860s and was returned to the Fairfield family for the first time in 1938 becoming the home of Mabel Fairfield Gutzeit (great granddaughter) and her husband Dr. William Gutzeit.


At that time, the house was altered, additions to the structure and modernized. Upon her death in 1968 the home was donated to the St Lawrence Parks Commission and eventually curated by the charitable society Fairfield Gutzeit.  In 2019 the house and property reverted to ownership by the Loyalist Township.


In Georgian style, this home is effortlessly elegant and full of character. Period furnishings with faithful attention to authenticity fill the home. A collection of treasured artifacts gives us a glimpse of the lives of those who once lived there.


It is easy to fall under the spell of the Fairfield Gutzeit house. This volunteer based organization is dedicated to the historic preservation and revitalization of the Fairfield Gutzeit House.

The Fairfield Gutzeit has closed for the regular season and will re-open Summer 2020.

Fairfield Gutzeit

341 Main Street

(613) 352-7414