St Johns Anglican Church

(Original 1797 – Current structure 1925)

212 Church Street


Church Street in Bath is aptly named for on the east side of the road on a grassy knoll is St John’s Anglican Church. The origin of the Anglican congregation dates back to the early days of settlement when the United Empire Loyalists settled into the area. Land for the church was donated by William Fairfield Sr. The Saint John’s Church is no stranger to disaster having twice caught fire (1919 and 1925). The later fire completely destroyed the structure. Inside, the congregation is able to admire the historic interior and St John’s is fortunate to have many beautiful stained glass windows as memorials to past parishioners. In 2017 St John’s celebrated its 225th Anniversary.


Bath United Church (1849)

402 Academy Street


The original building, built on ground donated by Peter Davy is still in use; the exterior has changed little since it’s construction although a bell tower was erected in 1901. Sitting on a hillside, it is what many imagine a country church should look like. In 1925 the Bath Methodist Church became part of the United Church of Canada and chose the new name Bath United. Inside the church, the wooden pews and pillars are so well kept that they hardly look their age. An old church like Bath United creates an atmosphere of its own, a warmth that comes in time and speaks of the hallowed use by many generations of parishioners.


St Linus Catholic Church

(Original 1869 – Current structure 1940s)

217 Main Street


The Catholic Church location is well chosen to be right on the Main Street. Unlike the other churches in town that received land by donation, St Linus had to purchase the land from Hudson Rogers. Today’s church built after WWII is an expanded version of the original. The beautiful stained glass windows remind us of many faithful parishioners who have supported St Linus throughout the years. Throughout its history, this church has been energetic and caring congregation. They will celebrate their 150th Anniversary in 2019.